The Learn2Cook Program

The Learn2Cook Program helps you make healthy, low-cost choices when planning meals and shopping for your food supplies. In the kitchen, cooking and baking methods are demonstrated to help you save time, learn basic skills and work efficiently using simple, inexpensive equipment. You also see how to manage your kitchen space and store your food conveniently and safely.


Casserole photograph

  • Create healthy, time-saver meals
  • Lower food cost without sacrificing nutrition
    • Make meals from free food
  • Food shopping skills
    • Read store shelf labels for price comparisons
    • Examine labels for nutritional values
    • Discern the differences among brands
    • Compare fresh, frozen & canned food
  • Understand nutrition
    • Compare healthy food with foods with high fat, sugar or salt content
    • Compare home-made with ready-to-eat foods
    • Compare types of fats
    • Compare types of flour and their parts
    • Compare types of leavening agents
  • Manage your kitchen
    • Practice safety and cleanliness skills
    • Wash hands and use kitchen cloths
    • Wash and prepare food
    • Compost food parts that are not useable
    • Use kitchen tools and measures
  • And much more