Frequently Asked Questions

Can I view the cookbook and videos online?

Yes. Both a PDF version of the cookbook and the videos are all available through this site in the "Cookbooks & Video" section.

The videos are also available on YouTube:

Who can use this program?

Any of the following people or groups should find the information provided by the Learn2Cook cookbook and videos useful:

  • Young people learning to cook and bake, and prepare meals and snacks
  • Families and individuals living within a tight food budget, with limited equipment and little time for meal making
  • Students away from home preparing their meals for the first time
  • People who have cooked and baked for years may discover new tips and techniques and time saving methods
  • Organizations including: social assistance agencies, government agencies, charity foundations, service clubs, private corporations, school boards & schools, child care centres, churches, TV stations, newspapers & magazines, libraries

Is the Learn2Cook program a not-for-profit?

Yes. This project is currently under the umbrella of Northwest Barrie United Church. As such, charitable contributions can be made to support the project through the church and tax receipts can be issued by the church. If you would like to support this project through a donation, you can do so by sending a cheque to:

Northwest Barrie United Church
464 Ferndale Drive North
Barrie, ON
L4N 7X6
Attention: Learn2Cook Program

If I donate to the project, how is the money used?

Donations are used to allow us to distribute copies of the cookbook and/or DVD's to organizations or people where need may exceed the ability to pay the full price for the program. This includes offsetting the production costs of the DVDs, as well as marketing costs to reach people or organizations who could benefit from the program.

Can I buy just one of the DVDs?

No. Production costs are too high for individual discs and booklets. You can download the video and the book sections from the website free of charge.

What skill level is needed to implement the information on the video?

The videos are ideal for the novice cook but even experienced cooks benefit from learning some new simple techniques for food preparation, shopping tips and nutritional facts.

Are the cooking videos appropriate for children?

Children enjoy watching the video demonstrations and will soon be telling their meal-maker how it should be done. However, children will need adults to lead and assist them with many of the tasks.

If I buy the set of 7 DVDs, does it come with the cook book?

Yes. It's a deal!

Can the cookbook be purchased alone?

Yes. Many people do, particularly experienced cooks. Beginner cooks and younger persons are used to learning from pictures. Watching the demonstrations is the next best thing to helping Mother or Grandma prepare meals and learning from their knowledge and experience.