Breakfast 1

Fruits & Juices – Milk – Eggs – Cereals – Bread

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  • Hard boiled egg

    Citrus fruits and their juices are disease fighters. Watch the many ways to buy them and how to serve them for breakfast.
  • Milk is the most important food as it is packed with essential vitamins, minerals and protein. You are shown how to choose wisely and how to prepare powdered milk for perfect taste and table use.
  • Eggs are body builders and a nutritional bargain. Cooking methods include fried, poached, scrambled, in-the-shell, omelettes, French toast and a brunch strata.
  • Food made from grain products are brain and muscle fuel for the body and with valuable nutrients and fibre. You learn to cook breakfast cereals and compare ready-to-eat cereals and make homemade granola and bars.
  • The different types of bread and alternates are compared and you are shown how to make toppings for toast.