About the Learn2Cook Program

The Learn2Cook program is administered by Northwest Barrie United Church. This is a not-for-profit community outreach project with the aim to help people learn to cook "Real Food", because "Healthy Eating Makes Sense".

Project History

The Learn2Cook Program was initally called "The How to Cook Family Meals DVD Program". It was first produced by Central United Church, Barrie, Ontario with the financial assistance of Toronto United Church Council, Collier Street United Church and generous members and friends who believed in the value of this project.

The filming, editing and design of the videos, and reproduction of DVDs was done by Ben Andrews. Many volunteers also gave freely of their time and talents to bring this project to life.

Experts with Experience

The narrator, Barbara Munroe, and the demonstrator, Clara Leask, are certified teachers who both practiced in the Ontario Public School System until retirement. Clara taught the Home Economics program in both Elementary and High School. Having always prepared healthy food for her own family, she worries that today's families are losing the art of cooking-at-home. With her practical experience in the classroom combined with her academic credentials Clara has a wealth of invaluable cooking experiences to share.